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“Our Brookline home search took a big turn for the better when we were introduced to Alan Cohen at Hammond Real Estate.  We lived overseas and were preparing for an international relocation, so our time on the ground was limited, and we knew nothing about the market dynamics. We initially used what we thought was an experienced local agent for a couple of months but got nowhere fast, and lost valuable time.  A friend referred Alan and things started to click. He had the local market knowledge, current insights, awareness, savvy, and extensive agent network to identify options early in the cycle of a home coming available. In short, he made an enormous difference in the outcome of our Brookline home search process.”

-- David F. and Helen C., August 2019

“Thanks in large part to you and your hard work, we are both very happy here in our new home and we hope to be living here for a good long time. This unit fits our needs nicely and its setting are living up to your praises. It really is a very special place to live.

“Most importantly, I want to thank you again for your outstandingly professional service, personal and courteous manner, spot-on recommendations, contractor referrals, frequent handholding, and everything else that you contributed to our very successful sale and purchase.  I cannot imagine anyone else doing a better job for us. And delighted to still be living in the ‘hood!”

-- Bernie P., June 2019

"It has been a pleasure working with you, Alan.  We could not have done this without your guidance, expertise and great advice from our very first meeting all the way through to the closing.  We had heard many horror stories about house selling, and we were pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the entire process went for us.  Your recommendations for the mover, stager and attorney proved to be invaluable to us.”

-- Nancy and Bill K., May 2019

“Thanks very much for all of your hard work for us and wise counsel over the years.  It has been a pleasure working with you.”

-- Jeffrey W. and Mark S., January 2019 

“Thank you so much for your help and guidance throughout this process. Your experience and expertise really showed throughout, and I think this incredible outcome is due entirely to the skill with which you brought this property to market. The price you got here was unimaginable. Actually, it's done, and I still can't believe it. You're the best!”

-- Brett W., December 2018

"It was a pleasure working with you. We appreciate your experience, expertise, communication skills, and listening skills -- to sometimes overwrought clients!"

-- J.E. and M.E., December 2010 

"You have been wonderful to work with and learn from as well. We appreciated both your professionalism and personal touch. We feel gratified by the next owners' suitability and great fit with the neighborhood and our family's traditions, too. Bravo!"

-- E.J. and S.S., November 2010

"Alan was so quick and responsive. It was a pleasure to work with him. We were in a hurry to move, and by listening carefully to what we wanted and judiciously selecting appropriate properties, Alan found a place that is perfect for us without wasting a lot of our time."

-- A.N., August 2010

"We were long-distance buyers, so Alan's intimate knowledge of Brookline and Newton was invaluable. He was familiar with every listing on the market, and in many cases had previewed the property before it became available. The information he provided kept us from wasting precious time on listings that may have looked good online but were never going to work for our family."

-- J.B. & D.B., July 2010

“Alan Cohen helped us buy our wonderful new home in Brookline in the spring of 2010. His long-standing commitment to and involvement in the community is reflected in the knowledge he shared with us about neighborhoods, services, people and schools. He helped us quickly negotiate a complex purchase and was there for us throughout the process – always available and always a help. We would happily recommend Alan.”

-- A.M. and C.M., June 2010 

"When we put our Victorian home on the market during a very challenging time in the market, Alan did everything humanly possible to bring us a buyer. He succeeded by working around the clock with great charm and skill. Our ultimate buyer spent months circling the property, finding things that weren't perfect and Alan found ways to present the house that solved the buyer's problems; anyone less creative or tenacious would have given up! But Alan made a successful sale for us. At last check, they were successfully settled into the neighborhood -- having made all those changes that he suggested "
-- E.H., August 2009